You Haven’t Met a Problem You Can’t Solve

That’s the thing about being a senior systems administrator: there’s no one to pass an issue off to. You know the systems inside out: all major Linux distros, cPanel, LiteSpeed, OnApp, etc. You know how to tackle tough design challenges, how to fix misbehaving systems, and how to stop security threats in their tracks.


That’s why we want you.


We need someone that lives and breathes technology.

We’re looking to massively grow our hosting businesses over the next 1-2 years, and we need someone that can help us do that smoothly and effectively. We have a lot of new capabilities we’d like to bring online, but we’re missing some of the expertise and resources to make it happen.

But look, it’s not good enough to just be an expert at the tech side. We need someone that is capable of thinking bigger than the usual. Someone that can approach problems from a different angle.

We’re looking to bring something fresh and new to market; we want to provide unique value to our customers that they can’t get elsewhere. Sometimes that means we ask difficult things. You aren’t going to be able to just grab the solution off the shelf and drop it in. Maybe the solution doesn’t exist and we need you to produce it out of thin air.



Let’s Talk About You


I don’t want to mince words. We need someone amazing. If you aren’t amazing, save yourself a lot of time and hassle and click the back button. There is no room for coasting here.

We have more projects coming at us than people to throw at them. Which is a good thing, to be sure, but it means we need good people and we need them now. People that can take on a project and run with it. Someone that knows which decisions to just make without bubbling them up the chain.

Don’t like people breathing down your neck all the time? We’ve got autonomy oozing out of every pore. Want some variety? Great. We have a bunch of brands that ALL need your attention.

We don’t do babysitting, and we don’t have the time (or inclination) to keep track of your every move.

It’s not all fun and games though, right? We ARE running a business after all, so if you’re the person for this job you understand how to identify opportunities, how to take on work and get it finished, and maybe most importantly, how to work out new and unique solution that meet customer and project needs.

Do you want to work on awesome projects from the comfort of your home at whatever time of day you’re most productive? Keep reading, we might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Your Qualifications

We’re not big on formal qualifications. And we don’t expect you to know everything. But this is a BIG job and it will demand a lot from you. This is a senior level position – you can’t learn the ropes as you go.

You’re definitely an expert in numerous systems and technologies. You’ve preferably designed, deployed, and managed cloud-based servers. You’ve worked with servers from the hardware level on up to WHM and cPanel.

Ideally you’ve worked with creating and managing monitoring systems, system management solutions for dealing with hundreds of VMs, and firewalls and IPS and other security systems.

You should be comfortable directing all aspects of system design, organization, and management. You should also be able to help us build up our system admin team, as well as all the processes and procedures to go along with it.

Finally, you need to be good at working with people. You will be interacting with other system admins (of course), the customer support team, customers, and the management team. This is a senior position that requires a well-rounded individual.

What We Expect from You

  • Get stuff done. A lot of stuff, in a hurry.
  • THINK about your work. Make improvements.
  • Don’t make us babysit you.
  • Try to be perfect.
  • Abandon perfection when it doesn’t make sense.
  • Push the envelope.
  • Be invested in the business.
  • Make our customers happy.
  • Take responsibility for all systems/servers
  • Maintain up-time across all systems

Why You’ll Love Conseev


We’re a fun, fast-moving team who believes in working hard and playing hard. We love to accomplish cool things, and do it faster and better than most people believe is possible.

Because we focus on delivering results, much of what you’d find at other companies doesn’t apply. Some people like to work during the day. That’s fine. Other people work better at night. That’s fine, too. In our case, one person’s night is another’s day because you never know where your coworkers might be.

Want to change countries next week? You won’t be the first. Or the second or third. We consider the world our playground, and couldn’t care less where you decide to call home (as long as there’s reliable Internet, of course), or how often you change your mind.

We like to take on big challenges, and are always looking forward to the next one. When we win, we love to celebrate success, and we like having the whole team share in it.

We Embrace the Virtual Lifestyle

What it comes down to is that we are committed to building a thriving business entirely virtually. We aren’t just “putting up” with it. Everything at Conseev is built around a culture of a distributed workforce, and we’re always working to improve on it.

Maybe cubicles are fine for some people, but we just aren’t those people.

Check out what the team has to say:

“I like working at Conseev because it allows me to do what I love – programming – and also have a life. Quality of life is important in keeping employees happy, and what better way to do that than allowing them to have time to take their kids to school, take the dogs out for a walk, go have lunch with the better half or the parents…”
– Raúl

“I love working at Conseev because of the flexibility in terms of working hours. I now have enough time to workout everyday, play music, and study chess. Also, the team at Conseev is super friendly, understanding and really passionate about development and the company. I always wanted to have this flexibility, and now i got it! Come filled with passion!”
– Adib


What We Offer

  • A steady stream of new, challenging projects.
  • A fun, diverse, team that’s always there to support you.
  • A completely flexible work environment (schedule, location, just about everything).
  • A say in the tools and processes you work with.
  • Ability to have a major impact on the company.
  • The stability of a salary with the chance to cash when we succeed.
  • Support, tools, and environment to make YOU a better YOU.
  • Small company with profitable business lines and no “investors” to satisfy.

Who We Are


Conseev is a mash-up between a contract development shop and an incubator. We build and launch SaaS tools, specialty hosting brands, and web-based services. Our team isn’t for hire – we only work on our own projects, on our own terms.

We’ve got a few successes under our belt, and now the next step is turning this into a machine. We’re cranking up the pace but also working on standardizing and systemizing how we do what we do. The faster we move from idea to prototype, from prototype to release, and from release to profit, the more opportunities we’ll be able to capitalize on.

We’re also working our way up the value ladder. We started in smaller niches with very targeted audiences. Now we’re setting our sites on bigger audiences, bigger products, and bigger pay offs.


A Word of Caution

Joining the Conseev team is no easy task. There are a lot of hurdles to jump over, and we definitely put you through the ringer. We need to make sure YOU fit well with the team. And we need to make sure the TEAM fits well for you.

We need to be sure that we can help you grow into a better you. That we can challenge you, entertain you, and give you a sense of fulfillment. Working at Conseev should make you happy.

And it should make US happy, too. We need to know that you are going to deliver big results. Not just what we expect, but above and beyond that. For a small team like us to make a major splash, we’ve got to have the “A” team and we need them to bring their best game.

So don’t be surprised when there is round after round of screening. We might ask you to prove your skills (might = will). And you’ll be talking to a number of people from the team so both sides have a chance to evaluate the fit.


Are You Ready?

We’ve done our best to help you understand who we are, why we’re awesome, and why you should want to work with us.

Now it’s your turn.

Don’t let us down. Most resumes are deleted before they even get into the screening process, either because directions weren’t followed or the person just didn’t seem to care. Conseev isn’t a place for “I don’t really care.”

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