Conseev was founded with one idea in mind: to streamline the process of creating, launching, and operating SaaS or web-based service businesses. Part incubator, part contract house, and part something else entirely, Conseev brings stability to the always-turbulent phase of starting new businesses.

After building two web-based software companies, founder Ben Roy began looking for a better way to get more ideas from vaporware to reality in less time. One of the biggest issues is having the right people available at the right time.  By assembling a complete team in advance, Conseev is able to deploy resources at exactly the right time, resulting in significantly faster time to market.


Pure Speed Hosting

Pure Speed Hosting Pure Speed Hosting provides durable, high speed hosting services in the form of Shared and VPS hosting. Utilizing all SSD-based servers and a true cloud platform with redundant server hardware, speed and uptime are maximized for clients.

Cloak Hosting

Cloak Hosting

Cloak Hosting provides hosting and IP privacy for clients looking to achieve maximum A-class and datacenter diversity for their websites. Primarily servicing the SEO industry, Cloak Hosting is the leading hosting provider constantly improving their services to offer a more feature-complete product.

Easy SEO Host


Easy SEO Host is an SEO hosting service for those who seek to experience the best customer support in the industry, along with the latest proxying technologies available. It is the only SEO hosting service in the market that provides 100% dedicated IPs to its customers.



TechArk Internet Services has been in business for over 15 years, providing dedicated, virtual private server, and shared hosting services to demanding customers. We have a reputation for not only offering optimal technology to match our customers’ needs, but also for providing one of the best customer support experiences in the industry.



SocialAdr is a platform for automating crowd-sourced social media promotion for websites, web pages, social media profiles, videos, or any kind of content online. With over 70,000 members, SocialAdr is a powerful marketing tool for getting better rankings and more visitors to your web properties.

Do Social

Do Social

Do Social is easy social media management, letting you keep multiple brands, customers, and channels updated from one simple dashboard. Fast and intuitive, there is no simpler way to market yourself or your clients on social media than Do Social.

Personal Blog Networks

Personal Blog Networks

Personal Blog Networks builds themed groups of websites that customers use to drive their website rankings up and more traffic and visitors to their sites.

Service Site Hosting


Service Site Hosting provides an integral service to local business owners who need a presence online. We build a custom website for free as a welcome bonus for any of our packages. Business owners without the time or resources to have their own web team can trust Service Site Hosting to do everything on their behalf.

Our Team

The hamsters that turn the wheels

Ben Roy | Chief Troublemaker

Ben takes personal responsibility for making sure things never get boring. Any time it seems like the team is getting it’s arms around everything, he’s quick to jump in and stir the pot.

To give the team a fighting chance, Ben tries to spend his time off the computer with his family, traveling in search of adventure, pursuing his latest hobby of obsession, or occasionally even hitting the gym.

Email Ben

Juan | Chief Trouble Resolver

Also sometimes called “Lead Supergluer”, Juan makes things work. He makes sure things get done across multiple projects. He’s always ready to take on any challenge, and usually has to.

They say he can plow through a task list with his eyes closed, but we tend to think he just doesn’t sleep.

Your classic international man of mystery, Juan never gets too comfortable in one place. There’s no way to be sure which time zone you might catch him in.

Jason | Coordinator of Customer Happiness

Jason is tasked with a challenging proposition: uphold our core value of “Delight Our Customers”, even when those customers are having problems. Sometimes a daunting responsibility, Jason somehow manages to hold down the fort.

Bob | Chief Dealmaker

Dealmaking is both an art and a science. It requires creativity and precision. Bob has mastered it like few other people have.

With many years of experience in high-level business development, Bob is the key person behind Conseev’s exponential growth. He is also an accomplished family man, enjoying life in all of its aspects.

Michael | Code Slave

Michael has the supernatural ability of writing code and fixing bugs on his sleep (at least that’s what everyone think). He’s always given tight, usually impossible, deadlines and he manages to deliver software that does the job as expected.

When he’s not going through a gazillion lines of code, Michael likes to take his family for trips across the Ukrainian countryside.

Edgar | Customer “Situation” Resolver

When he’s not busy feeding his hedgehogs and sugar gliders, Edgar ensures that every customer who needs our help is responded to with a quick and easy resolution. It doesn’t matter whether customers contact us via email, live chat, or phone. Edgar is always there to help.

Sadiq | Systems Bender

A systems administrator with an excellent knack for networking matters, Sadiq ensures that our systems and networks are always performing at their very best.

Whenever he’s not performing some of his sys admin magic tricks, Sadiq enjoys video games and music.

Erwin | Computer Wrestler 

Erwin is a apparatus designed to convert unreasonable amounts of chocolate into Linux-fu.

He spends most of his time wrestling computers as a sysadmin, and providing support to customers, but he’s also been known to do web design, have strong opinions about hardware, and be guilty of other great geekery.

Asmo | In-House Hacker

Operating from an undisclosed location, somewhere in Poland, Asmo makes the impossible possible. He can beat any system’s limitations and get anything to work, no matter how hard.

To unleash his technical creativity, Asmo likes chill-out techno music. When not working on tweaking an operating system or a web server, Asmo can be found having a beer or playing with his kiddo.

Brian | Server Magician

Brian is both a customer support hero and a technical wizard. He’s capable of finding that obscure problem or bug causing a technical issue.

It’s not easy to live up to Conseev’s commitment to awesome customer support and technical excellence. Brian is one of the few who’ve managed to do so.

Bernard | Operations Hero

Some people seem to live in a parallel reality where days last longer than 24 hours. Bernard is one of them.

He’s usually involved in dozens of projects at a time, always managing to new get things done, while ensuring that everything else continues to run smoothly. A true operations hero.

John |Resolver of Customer Confusion
Based in NJ, John is an avid hiker when he’s not helping customers or maintaining the company infrastructure.
A hard worker, he usually can be found surrounded by happy customers who have learned how to make better use of their technology.
Robert | The Family Geek

A family man, Robert is always there. Between raising children and solving complex technical problems, there is no task that can’t be solved with some T.L.C.

A Systems Administrator and a person who has a true passion for customer service, you can always expect him to not only solve your technical problem but relate to them. After all a machine is only good as its user.

Our Philosophy

What we believe and how we work

Results Matter

Value is measured by what is accomplished, what is delivered, what is improved. For both our customers and ourselves, the measurable results of our work are how we judge what type of job we’re doing. We establish meaningful metrics and we hold ourselves to them.

Faster is Better

Time is our most precious asset. We consistently deliver more in less time than our competitors, our peers, our markets, and our industries. We prioritize time to market, time to fix, and time to respond. We address requests and issues from the team as soon as possible, and offer the same to our customers. We strive for quality work, but never put perfection above delivery time.

Anything Is Possible

“Impossible” and “can’t be done” are not part of our vocabulary. There is always a solution. If an initial option is not feasible, alternate solutions are put on the table rather than a simple “no”. We don’t force ourselves to view problems the way everyone else does. We don’t accept other’s assumptions. We look at things differently, we think crazy thoughts, and we explore wild possibilities in search of better solutions. We beat the competition when we implement superior processes and systems.

Own It

We contribute to the success of our businesses by continually seeking to improve features, processes, systems, and results. We suggest improvements. We take the initiative to make improvements. We go above and beyond expectations because we take pride in our results. If something needs to be done, we take care of it. “It might not be part of my job description, but someone has to do it so I will.”

Delight Our Customers

We’ve all been disappointed by products, services, and companies. Their under-delivery is our opportunity. We don’t stop at the minimum. We build products that are so easy to use, so reliable, and so hassle-free that our customers never have to think twice about them. We offer services that outperform our competition. We offer a level of service that goes beyond expectations, and leaves our customers smiling. If we can go an extra step to make our customers lives easier or better, we do and we do it without them asking. We have outstanding customer loyalty because they know we will take care of them.

Be Happy

We take our work very seriously and we sometimes put in serious hours, but we aren’t always serious. We do work that we actually like, and we have fun with our team. We have a positive work environment and focus on Conseev being a part of a happy life. We work hard, but we play harder. We flex our work around “play” whenever we can, whether that’s family, travel, adventure, or just relaxing. We value happiness in ourselves, our team, our customers, and the world at large.

Future Team Members

Positions we’re hiring for

Joining the Conseev team is no easy task. We have an extensive hiring process to make sure that we’re only adding people that fit our culture, our philosophy, and will excel in our environment.

As a 100% virtual team, we have challenges you don’t find in a ‘regular’ company. Our team members are scattered across the globe and bring a diversity of cultures, view points, and backgrounds that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Systems Administrator & Support Representative
Learn More

If you think you’re perfect for one of the jobs that we don’t have a full write-up for yet, or if you think you need to work at Conseev in a capacity that isn’t listed, you can take a shot at getting our attention.

It’s not going to be easy; we’re pretty focused on hiring for the positions we’ve posted, but the right person might be able to make an impression if they want it enough. Think shock and awe; think video; think “go all out”. You can drop a line to [email protected]