Conseev was founded with one idea in mind: to streamline the process of creating, launching, and operating SaaS or web-based service businesses.  Part incubator, part contract house, and part something else entirely, Conseev brings stability to the always-turbulent phase of starting new businesses.

After building two web-based software companies, founder Ben Roy began looking for a better way to get more ideas from vaporware to reality in less time. One of the biggest issues is having the right people available at the right time.  By assembling a complete team in advance, Conseev is able to deploy resources at exactly the right time, resulting in significantly faster time to market.

One recent project, Publicity Hub (publicityhub.com) went from first concept to live site in less than 6 weeks.  This represents a significant advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace where the lifespan of an idea can be measured in months.

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